Once unloaded and in their warm safe comfy stables we were all surprised to discover that one of the bigger ponies was in fact a gelding and not a mare.

They have been named after the winter storms that they had to endure starving and cold out on the mountain and so we have Henry, Imogen, Gertrude and Eva.  All are doing well and after an their initial vet check they were left to gain strength and settle before attempting to worm, blood test and give dental treatment.

Thursday 3rd March the rescues had a vet visit. Gertie, Imogen and Henry all had dental work carried out to ensure that their recovery and weight gain isn’t hindered by any dental issues. We are pleased that none of them had any serious dental issues although poor Gertie had a very sharp piece of tooth embedded in her gum causing a painful ulcer.

dentistry work on Gertie

Gertie having the dental gag fitted with groom Shannon and Vet Nicola


Gertie’s blood results showed she is thankfully not in foal. We will need to carry out another set of strangles blood tests due to a grey reading. This means the ponies will be in isolation slightly longer than usual.

Imogen, Henry and Eva have all been microchipped and passports applied for.

Faecal worm egg counts have shown that they all have a significant heavy worm burden with Imogen having a very High reading of 2025 Strongyle eggs seen in her sample and Gertie being infected with Ascarids, Strongyles and Pinworm. Treatment with Panacur Guard has now begun.

We are very grateful to Horslyx for supplying the four ponies with nutritional licks to support their rehabilitation and recovery.