Buy the rescues a bale of warm bedding




At Lluest we care for up to 30 horses ponies and donkeys on the farm, at any one time. We have rubber mats that provide some protection from the concrete floors but we also provide a layer of absorbent bedding to help keep them clean, warm and comfortable. Some of our ponies may require a thicker bed to help with arthritis or cushion feet when suffering from laminitis. We have 25 stables, field shelters and a barn that all need to be bedded down. We need to use stables for horses all year round, but during the winter months when horses come in from the bad weather daily, the bedding costs are high. Each stable needs at least 1 bale each a week and sometimes more often. The cost per bale is around £8.50.    

If purchasing as a gift for someone, please specify the recipient’s name in the ‘notes’ section on the checkout page.