Riding or Driving Ponies


In this section you will find horses and ponies who have the potential, or are already driving or working under saddle. Please read rehoming through our Guardianship Scheme for more information about rehoming from the Trust.

If you are interested in offering a long-term guardian home to any of our horses and ponies please fill in a Lluest Loan Application Form and post it back to us or alternatively please email equine@lluesthorseandponytrust.co.uk.



Age: Born 2019

Height: 11.2hh approx

About: Zazu is a stunning Welsh section a gelding born at the Trust in 2019. Zazu is good to catch, rug, lead and to be trimmed. He can live out with both mares and geldings. He is happy to come in to the stable to get out of the wet and mud in winter and away from the sun and flies in the summer. Zazu has been lightly backed and has also walked out on the lanes with his rider. He will need to have a full set of shoes for doing more than lead rein work. 

Ideal Home:  Zazu’s ideal home would be a family who would like to offer him a lifetime home, where he can continue to learn and gain experience as a child’s pony. Being a native breed his new home will need to have an understanding of managing his weight to ensure he doesn’t get laminitis.

Video: https://fb.watch/lZ3QGYJKy2/

Suggested Rehoming Donation: £350


Age: Born 2012

Height: 13.2hh approx

About: Ennis is a handsome Welsh section c gelding. He is good to catch, for the farrier and to groom. He has recently returned from his guardian home due to a bereavement. Ennis has been brought back into ridden work slowly and is learning to enjoy walks out around the lanes again. He has mainly hacked in company and will be progressing to going out alone. Since his return he has an issue with loading, so this is something we are working on with him. Before he left us before he was a safe ride for children and light weight adults.

Ennis is ridden bitless and is happiest this way. He has a locking patella (stifle) and needs lots of turnout. The downside of this is he is also an incredibly good doer and needs to be kept on restricted grazing.

Ideal Home: Ennis’ new home should be one with companions who have similar needs. A track system would be ideal as this will restrict his movement but encourage him to keep moving. His new home needs to be pro-active in weight management.

Suggested Rehoming Donation: £350


Age: 2014

Height: 10.1hh

About: Blossom returned from her Guardian home over a year ago. She had been a family pony but in recent years hadn’t been ridden as much due to time. She has been to local shows and is good to handle in all ways. She has suffered bouts of laminitis and will need careful management going forward. 

Since her return to Lluest she has had x-rays which show minimal rotation to the pedal bone. With careful management we have prevented any more bouts of laminitis since her return. She is ridden on the lead rein weekly by the 3yo daughter of a staff member.

Ideal Home:  A family home with a knowledgeable Guardian. Being a native type and having had laminitis her new home will need to have an understanding of managing weight & diet to prevent laminitis and she must have a companion with similar needs.

Video – https://fb.watch/lY-bqE4jVj/

Suggested Rehoming Donation: £300


Age: 2015

Height: 10.1hh

About: Eva is approximately 10.1hh, she was rescued at the foot of her dam in Feb 2016, after weaning she went to a Guardian home to be a companion to another weanling. She returned to the Trust in 2021 after a bout of laminitis, her Guardian found it difficult to manage her weight. She had tests with us and we discovered she has EMS managed by diet. She is good to catch, lead, groom and have the farrier. Eva is a confident pony and has long reined around the farm and on our quiet lanes.

Ideal Home: An experienced home that understands how to prevent laminitis and bring on a green pony. Eva must have companions requiring similar management of very restricted grazing. She will thrive in a home with lots of attention and exercise.  

Suggested Rehoming Donation: £200