Why re-home a youngster?

Are you confident, experienced and looking for a new friend to grow up with you?

We have many youngsters looking to broaden their horizons and to continue their education in temporary or long-term guardian homes. They range from 8 months to 5 years old from varying backgrounds, and therefore require guardians to be knowledgeable and patient to encourage them to blossom and gain confidence in everyday life. You can read further information on the Guardianship scheme here.

When the time is right we will come and assess the horse or pony to determine if they are ready to back or introduce to harness. We can offer help with this next stage.

If you are interested in offering any of our horses and ponies a long term home please fill in an Lluest Loan Application Form and send it back to us by post or email If you are interested in fostering please fill in the Foster application form.





Age: Born 2019

Height: to make around 11.2hh

Description: Welsh section a gelding, Eric was born at the Trust to registered section a rescue mare Ariel. He has had all his basic handling, wearing tack, lunged, long reined and ready for a rider. At this stage there is no reason why Eric couldn’t go on to make a ridden or driven pony.

Ideal Home: We would like a home experienced with youngsters and native breeds. As a native good doer, Eric will need his weight managed throughout his lifetime. He will need to have at least one other companion with similar restricted grazing needs. An experienced family home would be ideal.