Companion and non-ridden 

These lovely ponies are looking for homes as companions, some may also be suitable as project ponies. Please read rehoming through our Guardianship Scheme for more information about rehoming from us. 

If you are interested in offering a long-term guardian home to any of our horses and ponies please fill in a Lluest Loan Application Form and post it back to us or alternatively please email 





Home to Home rehome – location Llandovery

Age: Born 2003

Height: 13hh approx

Description: Branston is a bay a sweet gelding. He is good to catch, lead, for the farrier and is happy to live in or out. Branston has been handled by children in the past and was very lightly backed as a lead rein pony 4 years ago. 

Branston has had laminitis in the past and has a collapsed crest, he is easily managed with restricted grazing and appropriate forage.  

Ideal Home: A lifelong guardian home who is proactive is weight management. A track system with enrichment would be ideal for him, as it restricts grazing and encourages movement. 

Suggested Rehoming Donation: £200




Home to Home rehome – location Esgairdawe 

Age: Born 2015

Height: 11.2hh approx

Description: Chip is a skewbald Shetland x cob gelding. He was born at the Trust to rescued Shetland Cookie. He lost his eye as a foal due to a field accident, due to losing his eye early on in life, he has adapted to life without it. Chip has been living in companion homes, but there is no reason why he couldn’t be backed to ride. He is a bright boy and enjoys learning new things. 

Chip is an incredibly good doer and needs restricted grazing along with other fun methods to keep active. Chip has been handled by children. He has been turned out with both mares and geldings and is a kind companion. 

Ideal Home: A lifelong guardian home who is proactive is weight management. A track system with enrichment would be ideal for him, as it restricts grazing and encourages movement. 

Suggested Rehoming Donation: £200


Age: Born 2003

Height: 13.1hh approx

Description: Charley is a Palomino pony gelding. He has had a difficult year, he lost his owner and following his subsequent placement into a Guardian home he then suddenly lost his lifelong companion. Charley had a full vet check in March and was fit and healthy. he hasn’t developed any new symptoms of issues since. He is good with the farrier and we are just getting to know him more whilst he is in our quarantine unit following his return. His only fault is he can be a bit pushy, we feel sure this will improve with regular consistent handling.  

Ideal Home: A lifelong home as a companion. He would prefer to have a stable or field shelter he can come into during bad weather. 

Suggested Rehoming Donation: £150



Age: Born 2019

Height: to make around 11.2hh

Description: Bay Welsh section a gelding, Eric was born at the Trust to registered section a rescue mare Ariel. He has had all his basic handling, wearing tack, lunged, long reined and been sat on.  In the right home Eric could go on to make a family ridden or driven pony. He can be a bit spooky so will benefit from consistent training seeing things daily.

Ideal Home: We would like a home experienced with youngsters and native breeds. As a native good doer, Eric will need his weight managed throughout his lifetime. He will need to have at least one other companion with similar restricted grazing needs. An experienced family home would be ideal. 

Suggested Rehoming Donation: £300



Age: born 2011

Height: 8hh approximately 

About: 12 year old mini Shetland gelding, Mutley is super cute, and has no health issues that we are aware of. He can be a little shy of new situations and just needs someone to give him confidence.  

Ideal Home:  We would prefer him to go to a home with at least one companion of a similar size up to 12.2hh. His home will need to keep a check on his weight through the summer months to prevent him becoming overweight. 

Suggested Rehoming Donation: £200



Age: 2001

Height: 12.2hh

About: Tali was signed over to Lluest when his lifelong owner sadly passed away, his owners widow was a wheelchair user and unable to give Tali the care he needed. He has had laminitis in the past and has had an eye removed this year. He is a friendly boy and enjoys a scratch and groom. 

Ideal Home:  An experienced & knowledgeable Guardian who can restrict his grazing and manage his weight. Tali is coping well without his eye but our preference would be a home without lots of obstructions in his paddock. He has been turned out with with mares & geldings and is happy to be stabled. He can get anxious when separated from close companions and will be more suited as a companion to a non ridden horse or in a home with multiple horses as he doesn’t like being left alone. 

Suggested Rehoming Donation: £150


Age: 20’s

Height: approx 11.2hh

Location: Lluest 

Description: Bea is a sweet grey Welsh type. She returned from a Guardian home in 2021 through no fault of her own. She has a history of laminitis and prefers to come in to a stable at night. She is good to catch lead and groom. She is happy turned out with mares and geldings and prefers a companion that isn’t too dominant. 

Ideal Home: A Guardian experienced with managing laminitis and a companion with similar needs. A home within an hours drive of the Trust.

Suggested Rehoming Donation: £150

Alana – rehomed

Age: born 2013

Height: 11.2hh approximately 

About: Pretty Alana is a registered Buckskin section a mare. She has recently returned from a companion guardian home. Alana is a friendly,  bright pony who likes to learn and could possibly be backed to ride. She has been turned out with both mares and geldings and is a kind companion. Alana currently needs a patient farrier and will need to continue with regular handling for her legs.    

Ideal Home:  We would like Alana to go to a home that will continue with handling and training. As a native pony she would need to have her weight kept an eye on and grazing restricted as necessary. 

Suggested Rehoming Donation: £250

Tilly & Darcy

Age: Aged

Height: 7.2hh approx

About: Tilly and Darcy are cute mini Shetlands who returned from a long term Guardian home in 2022. They are sweet and friendly old ladies, happy to be groomed and have the farrier. They both have Cushing’s and are up to date with their vaccinations, dentist and worming. In the last 6 months they have had dental work and now can’t manage hay. In the winter when grass is in short supply they will need to be fed hay replacers throughout the day. They also need to be rugged in cold weather as feel the cold. 

Ideal Home:  Tilly & Darcy’s ideal home would be an experienced adult foster home, where they can be given TLC and live out their days. They would need to go to a home local to the Trust and within 45 mins travelling distance. Lluest will continue to pay for their medication.

Horlicks – REHOMED

Age: 2006

Height: 16hh

About: Horlicks was signed over to Lluest in 2023 in very poor condition. He is back to a healthy body condition and has no health issues. He does have scarred legs from previous injuries but no sign of lameness when observed turned out. He has threatened to kick in the past and this has been when fed in his stable, so needs to be left alone at feeding times. He has more recently been fed in the field with his companions and hasn’t shown any signs of aggression. He was in a Guardian home for 3 months but sadly returned due to his companion passing away and his Guardian unable to find a suitable new one.

He has been ridden prior to rescue but this isn’t something he has been tried with since. He could potentially be brought back into work for hacking in the right home. He is currently unshod but would need shoes, a vet check and a saddle fitted if brought back into work. 

Ideal Home:  An experienced & knowledgeable Guardian with plenty of turnout all year round. As he is a thoroughbred his new home will need to have an understanding and be capable of managing his needs throughout the changing seasons. He has been turned out with a mare & geldings and is always gentle and kind. 

Suggested Rehoming Donation: £300