Companion Ponies

These lovely ponies are looking for homes as companions, some may also be suitable as project ponies. Please read rehoming through our Guardianship Scheme for more information about rehoming from us. 

If you are interested in offering a long-term guardian home to any of our horses and ponies please fill in a Lluest Loan Application Form and post it back to us or alternatively please email 


Age: early teens

Height: approx 11.2hh

Description: She was rescued in foal in Feb 2019 and is waiting for her forever Guardian home. Mel does have sweet itch and will need to wear a fly rug from April through to autumn. 

Ideal Home: An experienced adult home. Mel would be a great companion to another native type or a horse or pony that doesn’t require a lot of grazing. Although she has not had laminitis with us, she will need her weight managing to ensure she doesn’t get it. 


Timmy (Under Application and Reserved)

Age: Born 2014

Height: approx 11.2hh

Description: Timmy is a handsome & cheeky young gelding, he has been lunged and is long reining bitless. Timmy is good to do in all ways, he can be nippy and because of this he wouldn’t be good around very young children. 

Ideal Home: We would like a home for Timmy that can manage his weight as he is an extremely good doer. We think Timmy would really enjoy a job and has the potential to make a nice driving pony.


Age: Born 2015

Height: approx 12hh

Description: She was rescued in February 2020 and was a defensive unhappy little girl. She soon realised that the humans at Lluest weren’t a threat and began to enjoy her interactions, which always meant enjoyable scratches and food. Rosa has a quirky personality and wouldn’t be suitable in a home with young children. She has lived out with mares and gelding’s, foals and yearlings without any issues. Some days Rosa can be loving and enjoy attention and other days she is a typical mare and will pin her ears back the moment you enter her stable. She can have her feet picked out and trimmed, but this is a work in progress as she occasionally decides she isn’t happy with having her feet picked up. She lunges and long reins beautifully and really enjoys her work time. Despite her little quirks she really is a lovely girl and will thrive in an experienced, confident home.

Ideal Home: Rosa is a very good doer and requires an experienced home that will restrict her grazing and mange her weight appropriately. She will need at least one other companion with similar needs.  We think in time she would make a lovely adults driving pony. 




Height: approx 11hh

Description: Lilly is a sweet Welsh section a, she is used to children and is a real sweetheart.  

Ideal Home: A knowledgeable home and a companion with similar management needs.  


About: Penny is approximately 10.2hh pretty Welsh Sec a mare, she has recently returned from a companion guardian home. Penny is fantastic to do in all ways, she has been handled by children in the past and is a sweetie. She has been lightly ridden in the past but not for some years, she may be able to become a lead rein pony again. Penny was a fantastic foster mother to orphan foal Nala in 2018. She has had laminitis in the last year and will need to have very limited grazing. Penny has started long reining and has been enjoying it.

Ideal Home: Penny’s ideal home would be with a family, as a companion to a pony with very similar management needs. Her home would need to be experienced and knowledgeable with managing laminitics. We are sure she would love to do horse agility or similar and could potentially be a lead rein pony in the right home.





Height: approx 10.1hh

Description: Gertie is a native Carneddau pony and was rescued in early 2016, very thin with a foal at foot. She is nervous with new people, but very sweet with those she knows. She has all her basic handling and is happy to stand for the farrier. She has lived with mares and geldings, Shetlands and cobs.

Ideal Home: An experienced home with a companion with similar management needs. Gertie is a good doer and will need her grazing very restricted. 

photo coming soon 



Height: approx 11hh

Description: Elmo is a Dartmoor hill pony type, he is a Skewbald gelding with very little white. He is a sweet boy who used to enjoy being led out on rides in his previous companion home.

Ideal Home: An experienced home with a companion with similar management needs. Elmo thrives in a home where he has lots of love and attention.