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Guardianship Scheme

We have over 140 Lluest equines on the Guardianship scheme. Once rehabilitated we hope that our rescues can go on to be loved and cared for in private homes, leaving space on the farm for us to help more equines in need. We often have wonderful horses and ponies ready or nearly ready for new long term Guardian homes. If you are looking for a companion, riding/driving pony or a nice youngster we might have your perfect match. All horses, ponies, donkey’s and Mules on the Guardianship Scheme remain in the ownership of the Trust to safeguard their future welfare, but many remain in Guardian loan homes for the rest of their lives. 

You can read rehoming through our Guardianship Scheme for more information about rehoming from us.

Fostering Guardianship Scheme

Do you want to help our horses but not able to take one on long term? If you are within a 35 mile radius of our Farm, have lots of experience, space and time, you may be able to help us by taking a pony on short term foster. Many of our Foster Guardians take on a horse or pony temporarily to help us with our capacity on the farm, they give the equine handling and care, in preparation for rehoming them directly into a long term Guardian home facilitated by Lluest staff. The Trust continues to assist with the cost of vaccinations, dentistry and worming, the Foster Guardian is responsible for the cost of any feed, bedding and hay, unless you are a special home taking on a pony with a low condition score. If you would like to discuss our foster scheme please contact Dionne on 01550740661 or email

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Direct Re-homing Scheme

We are often contacted by desperate owners on a daily basis, wanting help as they can no longer take care of their beloved equine friend. As we receive far more requests than we would ever have space for on the farm, we decided the best way we could help them was to try and match them with the correct homes from applications we receive. This way we are able to help more horses without the need for them to come into rescue.   



Project and Special ponies

Riding / Driving

Just some of our lucky horses and ponies loving life in their new Guardian homes:

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