Wishing our friends and supporters a safe and happy Christmas

Thank you for your support through this extraordinary year. 



You’ve helped us to continue giving ponies a second chance in life, this year our friends and supporters helped us transform the lives of Rosa, Einstein, Darwin, Sir Dave and Luther, who had been abandoned and left to starve to death. Einstein and Darwin were the thinnest of the group and on seeing and touching them for the first time, members of staff shed a tear. Luther was a stallion and was suffering with pnumonia on top of COPD, he then went on to have an allergic reaction the day he was to be castrated, meaning he had to go in to the clinic for his own safety. He is now happily in a loving Guardian home.

We took in 3 orphan foals this year, each of them were given around the clock feeds and care by our small dedicated team. Connie was the first of the orphans to be rescued, she became best of friends with 2019 orphaned foal Gwen and has grown into a healthy and happy youngster. Apollo who was later renamed Bilbo is in a fantastic Guardian home with Lluest Ariel. After arrival he needed an emergency plasma transfusion, he was then fortunate to be given a Guardian home with our vets family. Zeus is a cheeky monkey and after a rocky start with pneumonia infections, he is now happy and thriving.