Gwilym was rescued as a foal in 1991 when he was declared ‘unfit for sale’ at a local pony market and was due to be destroyed. Our founder Ginny Hajdukiewicz stepped in and agreed to buy him for just £18 believing that she could turn his life around. Despite being just a youngster, Gwilym had been severely neglected and due to serious malnutrition he had not been able to grow a proper coat, mane or tail.

On arrival at Lluest and in an effort to keep him warm Ginny turned their farmhouse living room into a temporary ‘pop up stable’. Gwilym lived in the farmhouse for 3 months before moving into our stables to live out the rest of his long life, becoming a firm favourite with staff and visitors alike. Due to the neglect he suffered as a foal Gwilym was never able to overcome his lack of a coat, mane or tail but he proudly wore many a smart rug and coat during the colder weather. Ginny loved Gwilym and he accompanied her funeral procession when she tragically lost her battle with cancer at only 38 years of age. Gwilym was given a second chance by Ginny and Lluest and we were all terribly saddened when he passed away in late 2015.

However, we were also overwhelmed by messages of support from all over the UK, many of whom remembered Gwilym when he arrived at Lluest in 1991. His story is testament to the legacy left by Ginny and work undertaken by us over the years. Unquestionably his memory will live on in the future care and rehabilitation offered to horses, ponies and donkeys in need.