It’s July and it may seem like a long way off before we should be worrying about winter, but we need to ensure Lluest Horse and Pony Trust’s Great Hay and Feed Appeal’s target of £4,000, is reached well before its onset. Last winter, we spent £8,000 on feed, hay and bedding for the rescues living at Lluest Horse and Pony Trust. We know everyone is beginning to feel the pinch of rising living costs and sadly we are no exception. We have already seen an increase in the cost of hard feed and foals milk, causing the team to be concerned about the effect of rising costs on this year’s winter hay and feed bills. We are not expecting any extra money to come in that could pay for these increased bills, leaving us with no choice but to open a fundraising appeal. 

Lluest are reliant on public donations, sponsorship, regular donations, fundraising activities, legacies and a small number of grants to fund the following, which is not an exhaustive list; 

  • veterinary bills,
  • feed,
  • bedding,
  • hay,
  • straw,
  • wormers,
  • farrier,
  • medication,
  • energy bills,
  • insurances,
  • vehicle maintenance & repairs,
  • staff wages,
  • accountancy,
  • fencing,
  • building and equipment maintenance and repairs
  • equipment and fuel.   

We are committed to providing the best expert care and rehabilitation for each individual equine that we accept into our ownership. We won’t compromise on the excellent care we strive to provide to those we are already committed to, but it does mean we have made the decision to close our gates to new rescues for the time being.

We have 150 equines in long term Guardian homes and 11 in short term foster homes. We still provide financial support for routine treatments and veterinary costs to those in short term foster. Every year alongside new rescues, we have horses returned to us from long term Guardian homes for several reasons, mostly due to change of circumstances and ill health.

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