Future available ponies

The following horses and ponies are still currently being rehabilitated or are in quarantine and will be available for re-homing in the future.

If you are interested in offering a long-term guardian home to any of our horses and ponies please fill in a Lluest Loan-application Form and post it back to us or alternatively please email equine@lluesthorseandponytrust.co.uk. For more information about rehoming from us please read rehoming through our Guardianship Scheme.

We are sometimes contacted by owners struggling to keep their horses or ponies, either due to poor health or other unforeseen personal circumstances. These cases can range from elderly companions to ridden horses of all sizes. 

Please get in touch if you can offer a home directly to one of these equines in need. Support from the Trust will be offered and references are required.


Age: 3

Height: 12.2hh approx

Description: Sam came in with 3 other abandoned stallions, they had been found wandering along a busy A road for 2 weeks. When he came in he was unhandled, nervous and defensive. Our chair of trustees Jenni Nellist is a clinical animal behaviourist and designed a special training plan for him. He has made huge progress and can now have a headcollar put on and lead in and out of the stables. His journey will continue with us and he will be gelded once he can has completed training to accept needles.

Ideal Home: In the future Sam will be looking for a kind patient home. We welcome someone who would like to be involved in his rehabilitation journey whilst he is still with us at the Trust. 

Suggested Rehoming Donation: £300

Photo coming soon 


Age: born 2012

Height: 13hh approx

Description: Bluebell is a grey (was blue & white)  medium weight pony, recently returned from a loving guardian home through no fault of her own. She has returned with large sarcoids that will need treatment before she is rehomed again. Bluebell has been lightly backed and ridden in her previous guardian home.

Ideal Home: A home with companions who have similar management needs, one that can manage her weight with a combination of exercise and restricted grazing. We welcome someone who would like to build a relationship and be involved in her care whilst she awaits treatment for her sarcoids. 

Suggested Rehoming Donation: £300


Age: 5

Height: 8hh approx

About: Baggins came to us after he was found wandering along a busy A road with 3 others, he has recently been gelded. He is a friendly boy who is full of character, he is happy with his 3 other companions who are also recently gelded and one is yet to be. He has had his teeth rasped under sedation and is tetanus vaccinated and wormed.   

Ideal Home:  Like all Shetland’s Baggins will need a home that understands weight management. We aren’t yet sure if he can settle with mares. 

Suggested Rehoming Donation: £250


Age: 2

Height: to make approximately 14hh

About: Gimli is a sweet and friendly young cob, he has recently been gelded. Gimli has shown a lot of colty behaviour whilst with us. He currently has a 14hh gelding companion who he gets on well with and they play a lot together. In time we hope he will settle and be able to have turn out in a mixed herd.  

Ideal Home:  Gimli will need a home that is happy to continue with consistent handling to help him mature into a well balanced adult pony. 

Suggested Rehoming Donation: £300