Future available ponies

The following horses and ponies are still currently being rehabilitated or are in quarantine and will be available for re-homing in the future.

If you are interested in offering a long-term guardian home to any of our horses and ponies please fill in a Lluest Loan-application Form and post it back to us or alternatively please email equine@lluesthorseandponytrust.co.uk. For more information about rehoming from us please read rehoming through our Guardianship Scheme.

We are sometimes contacted by owners struggling to keep their horses or ponies, either due to poor health or other unforeseen personal circumstances. These cases can range from elderly companions to ridden horses of all sizes. 

Please get in touch if you can offer a home directly to one of these equines in need. Support from the Trust will be offered and references are required.

About: Akela is a beautiful young coloured mare, approx 14hh, of medium build. She came to us as a rising 2yo with her younger sibling and dam. She has been backed in a previous Guardian home, but has displayed some napping and rearing behaviours, that we are currently working to find the root cause for. She is happy to live out all year round with shelter and a rug in extreme winter weather, she is also happy to be stabled when necessary.

Ideal Home: Akela is an intelligent pony who enjoys attention. We will be looking for an experienced home who will spend time with her daily. We think she would enjoy doing horse agility or similar. If we find there is no medical/pain reason behind her behaviour under saddle and successfully rehabilitate her, she will need a calm, confident and experienced rider.


About: Jerry is a sweet 16yo skewbald mare, she is approximately 14hh. She had uveitis, shortly after she came into us and it is apparent that she has had an accident in the past causing her to have a head tilt. Jerry really enjoys life when she is out in the field, she will always have a play before settling down to graze and its heartwarming to see. She has needed to have a lot of eyedrops put into her painful eye so she has been more reluctant to be caught, however, this will settle when she isn’t needing unpleasant treatments daily. She will need some chiropractor sessions and her eye to have remained stable before she can go to a new home.

Ideal Home: Jerry would be a really lovely companion to any equine (she loves her current donkey friends). She wouldn’t like to be left alone, so would need to have a companion if one of her companions went out riding. She will need a home with a stable, one that will ensure she wears her UV fly mask through bright spring and summer days and love her the way she deserves to be loved. 

About: Penny is approximately 10.2hh pretty Welsh Sec a mare, she has just returned from a companion guardian home. Penny is fantastic to do in all ways, she has been handled by children and is a sweetie. She has been lightly ridden in the past but not for some years, she may be able to become a lead rein pony again. Penny was a fantastic foster mother to orphan foal Nala in 2018. She has had laminitis in the last year and will need to have very limited grazing. 

Ideal Home: Penny’s ideal home would be with a family, as a companion to a pony with very similar management needs. Her home would need to be experienced and knowledgeable with managing laminitics. We are sure she would love to do horse agility or similar and could potentially be a lead rein pony in the right home.