We were contacted last week by a concerned lady, she could see her elderly neighbour was struggling to meet the needs of his 2 ponies and donkey. All of the equines are golden oldies and have lived most of their life on the farm. The donkey has gone into the care of The Donkey Sanctuary and the ponies were collected by us and brought back to Lluest. Thirty year old Dillon has a condition score 0.5 – 1 and so needs a lot of TLC. Handsome stallion Ziggy will be available as a companion once gelded.
Both are now happily installed in their stables in the medical unit at Lluest and it’s surprising just how settled they are after living most of their life on the same exposed hill. Dillon was born at the farm and had never been off it until he came here to Lluest. He is loving all of his fibre foods and barely comes up for air. His laminitic feet will need attention from our farrier once he has been here a bit longer. Ziggy is a sweet boy and enjoys a fuss.