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Lluest Horse and Pony Trust has been striving to provide the best possible care for the
safety and well-being of horses, ponies and donkeys in need in Carmarthenshire and
South West Wales since 1985.
“Lluest”, meaning “haven” in Welsh, was founded by Ginny Hajdukiewicz to give equines
in desperate circumstances exactly that. A safe haven to recover and begin a new life in
guardian homes to keep them safe from any further harm.
Your generous sponsorship helps us to care for those horses, ponies and donkeys in
need. For as little as £3.00 per month you can help us to give them:

One-to-one love, care and attention from dedicated staff

Special care from our expert equine vets and experienced farrier

The correct diet to help them be healthy and strong

A dry and comfortable stable in our welcoming indoor barn

Safe, well-maintained pasture to roam with friends

Careful matching to a future guardian home

Monthly Sponsorship

Helps to provide hay and a clean dry stable

Helps to provide regular hoof trimming with our very supportive farrier

Helps to provide expert veterinary care from our wonderful equine vet

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Benefits for our sponsors

VIP days
Come and meet the equines your generous monthly donations support at our Annual
VIP Sponsor Event. Join us for a special yard tour, buffet lunch, and demonstration of
our valuable welfare work.

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