Penny & Nala Sponsor Pack


By sponsoring a mare and foal you are helping towards the costs keeping both mum and baby happy, safe and in good health. Your gift will go towards giving the foal a good start in life with some early basic training to prepare them for a safe and secure future with a loving loan home when they are old enough.

If you sponsor one of our horses or ponies you will be able to come and visit them on Open Day and at other times by arrangement. Sponsorship helps us raise funds to continue our work rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing horses and ponies who are the victims of neglect, cruelty and starvation.

If purchasing sponsorship as a gift, please specify the recipient’s name in the Notes section on the Checkout page. 



Penny and Nala are a sweet mare and orphan foal. Nala was brought to the Trust in June 2018 and was introduced to the wonderful Penny. Penny had been calling out to her field companions and when Nala heard her she replied, this then resulted in a lot of back and forth whinnies.

Penny had a foal at foot when she was originally rescued a few years ago so she is a very sweet pony and was the logical choice for a surrogate mum to Nala. Penny’s mothering instinct really kicked in and they are very close.