Why re-home a youngster?

Are you confident, experienced and looking for a project?

We have many youngsters looking to broaden their horizons and to continue their education in temporary or long-term guardian homes. They range from 8 months to 5 years old from varying backgrounds, and therefore require guardians to be knowledgeable and patient to encourage them to blossom and gain confidence in everyday life.

When the time is right we will come and assess the horse or pony to determine if they are ready to back or introduce to harness. We can offer help with this next stage if required.

If you are interested in loaning any of our horses and ponies please fill in an Lluest Loan Application Form and send it back to us. or call 01550 740661 if you require any more information.

NEW PHOTO COMING SOON! CHIP – Is a cheeky handsome coloured gelding approx 11.2hh. He was born in 2015 to rescue Shetland mare Cookie, shortly after Chip sustained a field injury leading to the loss of his right eye. Chip copes perfectly fine with his one eye. He has been in a wonderful Guardian home for the past 3 years, living with therapy donkeys and other ponies. He has assisted in therapy sessions with children and had regular handling by them. Unfortunately coming out of winter he became pushy and started bullying his older donkey companion, so he now needs a new home where he will receive more stimulation and training. He would be a fantastic ride and drive and is looking for an experienced home to bring him on. 
photo coming soon Charlie – was born to rescue mare Elsa in 2015 and is an eye catching 13hh blue and white gelding. He has recently returned from his foster home ready to start his ridden education.