Why re-home a youngster?

Are you  confident, experienced and looking for a project?

We have many youngsters looking to broaden their horizons and to continue their education in temporary or long term Guardian homes.  They range from 8 months to 5 years old from varying backgrounds and therefore require Guardians to be knowledgeable and patient, encouraging these equines to blossom and gain confidence in everyday life.  

When the time is right we will come and assess the horse or pony to determine if they are ready to back or introduce to harness. We can offer help with this next stage if required.

If you are interested in loaning any of our horses and ponies please fill in an Lluest Loan Application Form and send it back to us.

Please email or call 01550 740661 if you require any more information.

 14331114_10154362311022040_1698905722_n  Jigsaw was born in May 2016 not long after his dam Polly came into the trust with Frankie, because of an intended pilot ban on tethering in Swansea. Jigsaw should make around 13hh is as cute as a button, loads and travels like a pro, is good to lead and groom. He was recently gelded and is looking for a loving home either short or long term.
   Kalie – came in with her dam and older sibling in Jan 2017 after they were found straying in 2017. Kalie is rising 1yrs old, she is nervous but has progressed enormously in the short time she has been with us. She is very similar to her elder sibling Akela and should make the same height of around 14.1hh.

Akela – Skewbald filly rising 2yrs old to make 14.2hh. Was rescued in Jan 2017, an unhandled youngster with her dam Shanti and younger sister Kali. She is now halter broken and being led in and out daily and can also be groomed and have her feet picked out. Akela has found a love of people and will always come over to say hi in the field.



Bluebell REHOMED is a 12.2hh coloured mare, she is 4 years old but as you can see she has had her ear illegally notched, ear tagging and notching was made illegal in 2007. This procedure had a detrimental effect on Bluebell as she had an unnecessary fear of people on arrival at the Trust. Bluebell has made excellent progress and is beginning the process to prepare her to become a ridden pony. She is looking for an experienced home to further her education. 


Frankie is a striking 4yo blue and white gelding standing at approximately 13.2hh. He came into the trust in May 2016 because of an intended pilot ban on tethering in Swansea. He is a lovely friendly boy, easy to catch, groom and lead. He is looking for an experienced home that can bring him on to his full potential. We believe he will make a fantastic family friend, PC pony and will also do well in showing classes.

His photo doesn’t do him justice.

 Blossom  Blossom – currently in foster and available to a loving Guardian home. Blossom was born at her current foster home to a LHPT rescue Shetland mare and so has been well handled from birth by both adults and children. She is only 2 years old but will make a wonderful child’s riding pony once old enough.    


YoYo 18sept14 004


Yoyo is a handsome 4 year old gelding standing at approximately 12.1hh. He is good to catch, trim, load. Yoyo can live in a mixed herd and is used to all types of ponies and horses. Yoyo is now lightly backed and needs an experienced home that is used to handling youngsters. 

 TIMMY  Timmy  is a handsome 4yo gelding standing at 12hh. He is good to catch, trim and load. He is a cheeky young gelding that needs an experienced home. He lives in a mixed herd and will make a great ride and drive in time.

Luna – Rising 3yrs old to make approx. 13.1hh black cob. She came into Lluest the end of 2016, she was in very poor condition under her thick coat, with a heavy worm burden, rain scald and lice infestation. She also had a foal that went to another charity.

Luna loves people and is safe to handle and groom. She is young and because she loves people so much can sometimes be too enthusiastic. She is so gentle and friendly and is going to be a wonderful family or child’s pony.



Diplomat is a handsome 5yo 13.3hh bright bay gelding. He is quite a nervous chap but gains confidence quickly. Diplomat still has a long way to go but we feel he will come on better in a quieter environment. Diplomat is looking for a confident patient home that will bring him on to his full potential.  
Little Jon

Little Jon

 Little Jon is a sweet little 3YO gelding, He loves cuddles and is good to catch, load, lead and trim. He is going to make approximately 11.2hh and would make a fantastic ride and drive.


 Topaz REHOMED is a stunning young mare standing at approximately 12.1hh she is 4 years old and currently continuing training to enable her to become a ridden pony . Topaz is looking for an experienced home to bring her on to her full potential.