Our Supporters

The following individuals or businesses have kindly donated their goods, services or time. We are grateful to them for their help and support. 


Thorogood Saddles

A big thank you to Thorogood who kindly donated £1000 towards our running costs. 


Wetnose Animal Aid

Wetnose helps vulnerable animals and reduces their suffering through raising funds to support those who provide for their care and welfare in rescue. Our heartfelt thanks to Wetnose who helped us pay our vet bill.


Bransby Horses

Bransby Horses kindly supported us for over 5 years with our day-to-day running costs and endless help and advice. Thank you Bransby.






Our grateful thanks go to Pet’s At Home’s Support Adoption for Pets who gave us a massive grant of over £20,000 to purchase our lorry. Before we had the lorry we relied on volunteers with tow bars on their vehicles to tow our trailer. You can imagine how inconvenient this was. We have made several rescues and transported many ponies to their Guardian homes since the lorry arrived in August 2017. It was signwritten in December 2017 so look out in the local area, you may see us on the road!
This is also not the first time we have received a donation from Support Adoption for Pets, so a big thank you once again. 

Tenby Dog Racers

Our thanks go to Tenby Dog Racers, who presented us with a large cheque just before Christmas 2018. Sadly they have now ceased operating, but before they went they very kindly donated the last of the money they had raised to us.

This was not the first time Tenby Dog Racers have helped us so a huge thank you, your support has already made a big difference to our rescue ponies.


The Co-op, Llandeilo

November 2017 we were so grateful and overjoyed to receive £3,548.42, a share of £10,240.80 local community fund raised by Co-op customers in Llandeilo. Thank you to everyone locally who shops at Co-op and chose us as their nominated charity and thank you so much Co-op Llandeilo.


The Cennen Arms and Jill Arnold

Our thanks to Jill Arnold for organising a fabulous monthly pub quiz and to Mike and Yvonne of The Cennen Arms hosting it and for all their assistance in raising money for the Trust.


Jean Sainsbury

For their kind donation funds towards general running costs. Thank you!





Castle Horse Feeds

Our thanks to Castle Horse Feeds  for their delivery of 20 bags of feed back In July 2017. This was a result of a nomination by staff member Jazz Davies. Jazz then also kindly donated her prize of 10 bags of cool mix to us as well. Thank you!


Black Mountain Animal Feeds

Our thanks to Black Mountain Animal Feeds for discounting and delivering horse feed.










Brecon Beacons Trust

Thanks to the Brecon Beacons Trust who, in June 2017, gave us some funds to improve our woodland and fencing. 


Mustang X Ray

Our thanks go to Mustang X Ray who donated a framed print for our raffle. They have also given us a thermal camera as well as promoting us with sign writing on one of their cars. Thanks Mustang. 


Alice Noakes Memorial Charitable Trust

We were delighted to receive a donation towards fencing from Alice Noakes Memorial Charitable Trust. 


Towy Works

Thank you Towy Works for supplying us with a great wheelbarrow and for giving us discounts on materials in store. 



Petplan donated money for a mobile field shelter in August 2016. Many many thanks Petplan.


Pettifor Trust

Our thanks go to Pettifor Trust for their donation in May 2016 towards the care of the ponies at Lluest. 


Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust

We are immensely grateful to the Elise Pilkington Trust for donating a large sum of money to buy our extremely useful Kubota Utility Vehicle with trailer and chain harrow. The Kubota is also used on a daily basis to fetch and carry feed around the farm to the horses. It is both waterproof and robust vehicle and has been invaluable to us. Elise Pilkington set up the Charitable Trust in 1979 to help fund her two passions; equines and work that elderly charities do. Read more about our donation here: http://elisepilkingtontrust.org.uk/lluest-horse-pony-trust-utility-vehicle/


Awards For All

Thanks to Awards For All for helping to fund our Horsing Around Project with WWAMH – West Wales Action for Mental Health. 


Hilda Holmes Charitable Trust

A huge thank you to the Hilda Holmes Charitable Trust who have donated £5000 towards running costs. We plan to spend the money on much needed land management. 


Betty Phillips Charitable Trust

A big thank you to the Betty Phillips Charitable Trust for their grant of £10,000 towards operational costs. We are extremely grateful to all concerned, thank you.


Monica and Frank Ward

For help in raising funds, donating their time and generally being great support.


Our Neighbours

Endless thanks to our brilliant neighbours who come to our rescue in times of need, just one example is the recent snows. You know who you are.


Our Volunteers

And last, but by no means least, our wonderful volunteers who give up their time into helping us without whom we would be hard pushed to achieve what we do. Thank you guys, you are the best!