JOIN US ON 17th September 2017 from 11am for our annual Open Day and Companion Dog Show Please spread the word, we welcome all help anyone can offer to prepare and organise for the day. *Display’s*Vintage Tea Room*Companion Dog show*Face Painting*Cuddle a Pony... read more

The tale of Benjamin Button

Benjamin Button arrived with us in January 2015. Just two years of age this tiny pony, as an unwanted colt, had been heartlessly discarded resulting in him being passed around by several unsuitable owners. He was eventually spotted by a responsible urban pony owner... read more

Trooper…our poster pony

Trooper, a Welsh Mountain pony was found in 2012 in a filthy shed on the outskirts of a major Welsh city starving and emaciated. Tests subsequently indicated that he had been eating his own faeces in his bid to survive. He was only found because a dog walker became... read more

Polly and new arrival Jigsaw

We were recently asked to take two very well cared for ponies from the Swansea area. Sadly both were in urgent need of a new home due to Swansea Council’s new legislation and ban on tethering ponies in some areas around the city. The ban has resulted in many ponies... read more

Gertie and the ‘Storm Ponies’

Gertie was rescued by Lluest in February 2016 along with her little foal at foot, Eva and two other beautiful ponies, Imogen and Henry. All four had been abandoned on a local mountain and had been struggling to survive for up to 18 months before we were alerted to... read more

The story of Robbie

A small pony is led into the nursing home bedroom of a lady who is partially sighted. Her carer quietly explains that she has a visitor…within seconds her face lights up and she reaches out to touch the velvety soft nose and fuzzy mane that belong to Robbie, one... read more

“Storm Ponies” Update

Once unloaded and in their warm safe comfy stables we were all surprised to discover that one of the bigger ponies was in fact a gelding and not a mare. They have been named after the winter storms that they had to endure starving and cold out on the mountain and so... read more