A huge thank you to everyone who supported us in the somewhat relentless rain at our annual Open Day on Sunday 16th September. Despite the wet weather there was a good turnout and everyone managed to enjoy their day. All the horses were inside the main barn ready to greet visitors and there was certainly some human-equine bonding going on.

The demonstrations went ahead as planned, except for a slight delay for the Dog Show to dodge the heaviest of the showers. Joanna Lowes  worked with two of our rescues, one of whom was a sweet cob gelding called Thor. He was rescued after being found abandoned and tied to a lamppost in 2017. She worked with him to help him overcome his fears. After that was the Parade of Lluest Horses, all of whom behaved impeccably. Organised Kaos were busy with circus tricks in the children’s activities area, proving that the show must go on, even in the wettest weather.

Children were able to meet our resident ‘unicorns’ and have their picture taken with them. We are immensely proud of our ponies, who stood quietly to be dressed up, photographed and the cuddled!